Woolly Warmers Project

We are all aware of the importance of keeping babies and children warm, especially during the winter months. You may be surprised to learn that this applies to Kenya also. During June, July and August the temperature drops considerably at night with mornings and evenings being quite cool, therefore,  warmer clotWoolly_Warmers_Jun_15.jpghing is essenial.


Kenya Thriving has been fortunate enough to receive children's jumpers and baby items which are the result of an initiative by some Lancashire ladies who decided to use their talent for knitting to benefit children in Kenya. We have also received jumpers from ladies in Worksop and Coleford along with a gentleman in Bristol! Thank you to everyone who lovingly produces jumpers for us.



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During a visit to Kenya we were able to distribute the jumpers. To say that the children were delighted to receive a warm jumper for the winter would be an understatement.








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Quite a number of local Mums gratefully received baby vests andhats for their little ones, which had been produced by British Mums and Grandmas. Very often in rural Kenya, a new Mum will be hard pressed to have anything to keep her baby warm. It is no wonder that they were so delighted and amazed to receive these essential items.   




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