Homes For Orphans 

Here at Kenya Thriving, we believe that it is every child's right to be loved and nurtured during their formative years, to live in an environment where they can thrive, and know that they are safe and protected. Unfortunately, not every child has that opportunity.

Caring for orphans within the local community, in foster homes, has always been the African way. For some children this arrangement works well, but for others it is not satisfactory. More recently this is due to socio-economic reasons. Due to the high level of poverty and the fact that HIV Aids is double the national average, there are a very high number of orphans and marginalised children in the Otacho area.


The original aim of this project was to build small houses, each funded by our fundraiser's cycling challenges.

Each house has become home to ten children, taken care of by a houseparent, who not only provides for their physical needs, but will also be a "Mum" to each child, and each child will be a sibling to each other. In this way a family environment can eventually be achieved, where there is security and love, laughter and boundaries, responsibility and a sense of belonging.                                                    




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There are now five small houses which are home to fifty one children who each have their own story of heartbreak and loss, but here they find people who care about them and a place where they can feel secure.








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