Project 51

This project is made up of the following units of support, which together create an  holistic approach to caring for the fifty one children who are resident at Otacho Christian Children's Home. Collectively and individually the units form a vital role in the provision of care for the children, as they span all areas of their lives. Donations can be made to cover the whole project or just one unit.

Time For School 

Education is a priceless gift, helping children to reach their fullest potential. 

Personal Hygiene 

Providing a range of  health and hygiene supplies from medicine cabinet items to soap and disinfectant.

Woolly Warmers 

Jumpers to keep out the chill of Kenyan mornings and evenings are essential. In addition, other clothing is funded by this unit.

Food On My Plate 

Being alert in school means having a full tummy to start the day. A nourishing balanced diet helps to keep the children healthy,able to perform well in school and enjoy life.

Homes for Orphans

Homes For Orphans 

Kenya Thriving has built five substantial, single storey houses for Otacho Christian Children's Home, which now resonate to the sound of children's laughter and play.