About Kenya Thriving

In 2009, Ken and Coral visited Kenya. They were so impacted by what they saw and experienced, that they determined to positively affect the lives of the children and widows they had met. Thus began a journey, with small insignificant beginnings which took them on a steep but very privileged learning curve.

Kenya Thriving was established to partner with an existing Kenyan organisation which works with  orphans within their own culture and community.

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We work alongside Otacho Christian Children's Home, who are a registered community based organisation, currently caring for fifty one children, all of whom come from the local area. Each child has suffered trauma and the loss of one or both parents, some children are themselves suffering from HIV Aids. 

Our vision is to provide every child with a home environment. We have built five houses designed to accommodate up to ten children and who are cared for by a houseparent. This vision is funded by our Project 51

Our focus today is about changing tomorrow for every child at Otacho Christian Children's Home and enabling them to develop to their full potential.






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